Christian Jacobsen of Mistress checks scores

Pip Tompkin of Pip Tompkin Studio tallies scores

Scott Harris of Mistress reads the fine print on an entry

Mark Quest, Forte-The Collective, waits to see if the ice cube graphic turns blue when the Coke gets cold as the design indicated

2014 Mobius Awards Winners Announced Early January

David Fairchild of David Fairchild Studio eyes a wine label design


What Are These
People Doing?

Professionals from throughout the Los Angeles area gathered Dec. 9 to judge the Mobius Awards Packaging and Book/Brochure entries. Throughout the day-long event, a commercial photographer, web designer and agency creatives peered at, read about and fondled and scored a variety of entries at the competition's only in-person judging. Most of the 60-some professionals from 16 countries who judged entries completed the process online. Meet all of the judges here.


Cristi Quesada-Costa of LatinSphere gets close-up with foodstuffs packaging


Carlos Rivera of La Mejor Website assesses an entrant's multimedia campaign


Sean McNamara of Omelet flips through a book to decide how many points to assign


Photos by Lee Gluckman, Chairman

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