Martin Stirling

Food is always a good topic – especially for advertising – and in 2016, Mobius Awards welcomed entry “Save the Food: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry.” The two-minute online film was directed by Martin Stirling, a British writer and director and an acclaimed talent with many, many awards to his credit.
The beautifully filmed public service announcement was done pro-bono by SapientNitro, Miami, through the Ad Council for the National Resources Defense Council in New York. It shows how food can be wasted when it gets lost in the back of the refrigerator – the message being that we often ignore the value of our food and the efforts and resources expended to bring it to us.
The entry won a Mobius Award Golden statuette and was a nominee for Best of Show. It seems especially relevant to revisit it in light of the recent devastation in so many areas of the world from hurricanes and earthquakes. The importance of access to food, and water, has been emphasized for everyone.
Postproduction on the film project was by Final Cut. Cherry, London, was the Visual FX Company with Factory, London, as the Sound House.
Watch the strawberry video!


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