Mobius Awards has long history

Mobius Awards was established in 1971 in Chicago as part of the U.S. Television and Radio Commercials Festival. Since 2001, the competition has been under the leadership of Lee W. Gluckman Jr. and has headquarters in the Los Angeles area of Redondo Beach, California.

Each year, the competition recognizes outstanding work from professionals in:

Brand Identity
Branded Content/Entertainment
Digital – Mobile
Digital – Online

Guerilla / Ambush Marketing
Integrated Campaign
Online Commercials
Package Design & Redesign

Social Media Marketing
Spec Advertising

A Student competition invites classroom projects and other non-commercial work from students of all ages.

Entries are judged by international panels, which award points based on the effectiveness and creativity of the work. Judges are not required to award first and second places, but also may award more than one First and Second place in a category.

Awards include a First Place Mobius Statuette, a Second Place Certificate for Outstanding Creativity, a Spec Certificate and a Student Certificate. Best of Show-Grand Prix awards are given in the various mediums, chosen from among First Place winners and based on judges’ recommendations).

Mobius Awards takes its name from the Mobius strip, a strip of paper that when twisted once and joined at the ends presents a single edge and a single face reversing themselves and continuing indefinitely. Thus, the Mobius Statuette is a three-dimensional version of a Mobius strip.

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