Advertising – Categories

  1. Animal/Pet Products: Food, Pharmaceutical, Carriers, etc.
  2. Animal/Pet Services: Veterinary, Grooming, Board & Care, Training, etc.
  3. Apparel, Footwear & Accessories
  4. Automotive: Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Snowmobiles, etc.
  5. Branding: Identity/Image, Self-Promotion, etc.
  6. Business/Commercial Products & Services
  7. Celebrity Endorsements
  8. Charitable/Non-Profit Organizations: Awareness Messages, Fundraising, Recruitment
  9. Technology Products: Consumer Electronics, Tablets, Assistive Technology, Cameras, Drones,
  10. E-Commerce: Online Retail/Wholesale & Marketplaces, Services, etc.
  11. Eco-Friendly Advertising Concept: Causes minimal or no harm to the environment
  12. Ecology: Ecological projects, services or programs
  13. Education: Online, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools, Vocational Institutes, Recruiting, Sports, Scholarships
  14. Entertainment Media Promotion: DVD’s, Videos, Music, Concerts, Events, Publications, Books, TV Programming, Movies, Trailers & Promos, etc.
  15. Financial Services: Banks, Credit Unions, Credit Cards, Investment, Insurance, etc.
  16. Food, Beverages – Products: All Food & Beverages Products
  17. Food, Beverages – Services: Grocery/Food Stores, Restaurants, Fast Food, Delivery Service
  18. Government/Political/Military: Awareness Messages, Recruitment, Fundraising, Campaign Messages
  19. Health & Wellness Products: Pharmaceuticals, Devices, Surgical Supplies, etc.
  20. Health & Wellness Services: Hospitals, Insurance, Laboratory, Clinics, Government, etc.
  21. Home Care & Maintenance Products: Building Materials, Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Hardware, Yard & Garden Products, Remodeling, DIY
  22. Home Furnishings: Furniture, Lamps, Decorative Accessories, Rugs, etc.
  23. Lifestyle Products: Fitness Equipment, Luggage, sunglasses, etc.
  24. Lifestyle Services: Cleaning, Interior Design, Landscaping, etc.
  25. Local Cable/Broadcast Conceived & Produced Advertising
  26. Low Budget: $10,000 and under
  27. Miscellaneous: We will reclassify entries in to the appropriate category when possible
  28. Olympics/Paralympics
  29. Personal Care & Fragrance Products
  30. Personal Care Services: Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Spas, etc.
  31. Product/Brand Launch
  32. Product/Brand Re-launch
  33. Product Placement
  34. Public Relations: Special Event, Crisis & Issue Management, Corporate Responsibility, Sponsorship, Reputation Management, Publicity
  35. Public Service Announcement: (PSA)
  36. Religion/Spirituality
  37. Retail Stores
  38. Services
  39. Sports & Recreation
  40. Tourism, Leisure & Travel
  41. Unique Use of Media: Avant-garde use of a medium
  42. Spec Work: Spec Work is professionally created advertising for personal use only (without an established relationship with a paid client). Entries are limited to: Work created especially for creative competitions or a personal portfolio. Entries are limited to: Work created especially for creative competitions or a personal portfolio.

Advertising – Craft/Technique Categories

  1. 3D Printing
  2. 360° Video
  3. Animation, CGI, Motion Graphics
  4. Art Direction
  5. Cinematography
  6. Copywriting/Editorial
  7. Direction
  8. Editing
  9. Graphic Design
  10. Illustration
  11. Live or Real-Time Experience/Commercial
  12. Music (Adaptations or Original)
  13. Use of Music
  14. Overall Production
  15. Photography
  16. Production Design
  17. Set Design
  18. Sound Design (Editing, Effects)
  19. Talent/Casting (Human, animal or other)
  20. Typography
  21. Use of Humor
  22. User Interface (UI)
  23. User Experience (UX)
  24. Visual Effects (VFX)

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