Board of Advisors

Mobius draws on industry professionals worldwide to help guide the competition through periods of change. Current members and their backgrounds are:


Donna Svanberg Donna Hampton, Executive Producer and Company Director, CAPITOL Productions, Sydney, NSW, Australia; the Australian representative to the International Quorum of Film & Television Producers (IQ).


Benson LamBenson Lam, Chief Brand Coach, B Creative Consultants Co. Ltd., Shanghai. He was formerly with Grey Worldwide Shanghai.

Czech Republic

Jere MikesJere Mikes, Director, Association of Communications Agencies of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic; first president of the Czech Advertising Standards Authority (RPR) and a member of the Board of European Association of Communications Agencies and coauthor of the book "Reklama" (advertising).

Northern Ireland

David Lyle David Lyle, Managing Director of Lyle Bailie International, Belfast; a prolific creative award winner in Northern Ireland, including four Grand Prix accolades in 1988, 1997, 2001 and 2002; a copywriter member of the Design and Art Directors Association.

United States

Sophia DilberakisSophia Dilberakis, president and founder of SD Communications, a Chicago marketing communications practice specializing in packaging, plastics, food, personal care, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and the environment; former editor and publisher of Food & Drug Packaging magazine.
Kevin J. HershKevin J. Hersh, Director, New Media, Mfx, Inc., Caldwell, NJ; co-founded Mfx and served as a computer consultant, university design instructor as well as an illustrator for major corporations and agencies.
Shannon B. KellyShannon B. Kelly, Group Account Director at Targetbase, Inc. She is a graduate of Clemson University and holds a master's degree in communication management from the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Southern California.
Jim MartinJim Martin, General Manager, BBS Midwest (,) Bird Bonette Stauderman Inc., a global advertising production\consulting firm headquartered in Westport, Conn.


Corinne Burns BrunoCorinne Burns Bruno, Managing Director of Corinne Burns Bruno Service, is a Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., native who settled in Rome, Italy, and started producing TV commercials. She also teaches Production at an Italian film school. Contact her through her web site or


Hirohisa Sugizaki, Chairman of Taiyo Kikaku Co., Ltd.; member of International Committee of All Japan Radio & Television Commercial Confederation and a board member of IQ, International Quorum of Film & Video Producers.