Golden Mouse is an annual competition held in Beijing that highlights the work of creatives at Advertising and Design agencies throughout China. Mobius Awards has chosen this platform to provide a window into the incredible growth, creativity and innovation across the China advertising world. Here are images, links to videos and case studies from the 2017 Golden Mouse competition. Enjoy!

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Best Technology AwardInteraction Between Big and Small Screens

Mercedes-Benz and LeEco Eco TV bring the luxury car into focus through drawings and film as seen on a variety of screens.

Grand Award Nomination – App ties running, music

More than 62 percent of runners like to move to music, and NIKE Running Radio’s new Nike+ Run Club APP expects to get their attention. The app integrates music, technology and sports with a push-to-start function of Nike Running Radio. The app includes sports data and friends functions. The first month after launching online the app had 387,000 average daily users and 17 minutes of average listening time, twice the mean of industry. Over 300 million brand exposure per day. Tencent was the marketing company.

Innovation Marketing Award — Living Challenge of Honor Quick Charge Challenge  Impossible

In six days on a trail in November, the Honor Quick Charge proved its worth proving power for hot pot cooking and broadcasting specials on the product to increase visitors to the Tmall flagship store. During the time, 2.5 million visitors looking in on the broadcasts. On Nov. 11, a challenge day, Honor beat competitor Xiaomi to become the day’s selling champion and capture the E-Commerce award. The Golden Mouse entrant was WEIBOYI.

Most Effective Marketing Campaign: Social Marketing

Entrant Shenzhen iTable New Media Marketing Inc. set out to tell the story of Huawei P9, the first phone with fingerprint function. Huawei teamed with German Leica camera to redefine the phone photography, but needed to increase brand awareness in China and elsewhere. Loyal fans were first targeted spurred by the name “稍后9徕”(Pinyin: Shao hou jiu lai), which is a homonym for “稍后就来” (Pinyin: Shao hou jiu lai means wait to come.) The name contains “9” of Huawei P9 and “徕” of Leica in Chinese. Marketers launched a black technology viral video with monochrome freeze dance in different photographic images, which shows the evolutionary history of phone photography and strengthened the “Huawei P9 dual camera redefines phone photography” concept.

At the result, exposure reached nearly 300 million on the social platform, nearly 3 million interacted; domestic sales in five hours set a record at 65,000 people booking, and in eight days, nearly 620,000 phones were reserved.

Most Effective Marketing Campaign: Digital Media Integrated Marketing

Consumers ages 25-35 were the target for a launch ceremony of the all-new BMW X1 on May 20, 2016. This age group likes live events and one was planned at the Xishuangbanna Dai Xiu Theatre, capacity 1,000. To involve the greatest number of people possible, posters and live broadcasts announced the launch would also be streamed.

Music representatives of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s were invited to perform — including Xu Wei, Black Panther, Tan Weiwei, Pu Shu, Yuan Yawei and Dou Jingtong — to interpret “Live Real” from different angles. The music show included four chapters: “Live Free,” “Live Bold,” “Live Curious” and “Live Deep,” and the X1’s features were interwoven with the show.

In all, the launch ceremony reached 10.5 million online viewers, produced 40 million interactions who spent an average of 34 minutes stay time per viewer, and 22,366 people booked a test drive after the ceremony.

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