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Mobius Awards is pleased to share some Grand Prix (Best) and Gold (First Place) winners from our Chinese partner, Golden Mouse Awards


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Golden Mouse is an annual competition held in Beijing that highlights the work of creatives at Advertising and Design agencies throughout China. Mobius Awards has chosen this platform to provide a window into the incredible growth, creativity and innovation across the China advertising world. Here are images, links to videos and case studies from the 2016 Golden Mouse competition. Enjoy!


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 Best Technology Application
Battery Power Linked to Power Sandwich

Battery Power Linked to Power Sandwich


Created by Xiaomi Marketing to introduce McDonald’s new “Chong Dian Bao” (Power-Charging Sandwich). The sandwich name has a similar pronunciation as “mobile power bank” in Mandarin, tying the theme of how people get anxious when they are hungry and when their devices run out of battery. The promotion used Location Based Services (LBS) technology to notify Xiaomi smartphone users when their device batteries were running low and they were near a McDonald’s. This encouraged people to come to McDonald’s for a recharge of devices and appetites.

 Best Interaction Award

Apps for Oreo


Carat China partnered with five popular mobile apps providers to promote new interest in the Oreo cookie, part of the Mondelez International snack food company headquartered in the United States. Participants could take selfies and create personalized emojis to share with friends on WeChat by accessing the Emoji Factory H5 platform with one click.


 Gold Awards
Feminine Pad Imagination

Feminine Pad Imagination


Social Touch’s “Mind Blowing" campaign promoting Always Infinity feminine hygiene pads inspired leading designers to visualize their imagination on pads, used celebrity platforms to promote the project and co-operated with fashion magazine Cosmo to reward the early adopters of the pads.


Kotex Delivered with a ‘Kabe-Don’


To promote its anniversary of selling Kotex sanitary napkins to young Chinese women, promised customers who ordered the products online could have star Chen Xiao or other “fresh meat” models  deliver the goods and give a ‘Kabe-Don’ pose. The delightful work was done by Vision Squared Advertising Co. Ltd, Shanghai Branch.


Trying to Cross Generations


Verawom (Shanghai) Digital Marketing Co. Ltd. chose a love story between an older generation father and his children for this CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala film.  The father expresses that love in subtle ways, including harsh words, instead of the “I Love You” by younger dads. As the father journeys from the mountains to the modernized east, the audience sees the  landscapes of Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan as a symbol of the his never-changing love and the bustling city as a reflection of the father’s confusion.

Take Your Calcium

Take Your Calcium


Brand marketing for Caltrate, from Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, was implemented on Mother’s Day to raise awareness among mothers, friends and relatives of the need for a calcium supplement. The campaign, by, featured celebrity mom Sun Li explaining the brand slogan “supplement calcium for stooping mothers.”


Poster for a ‘King’Encouraging Youth


Desiring to improve LE’s awareness and increase Baidu web services index and LE application download amount by young people, LE created a super spokesperson of a million RMB (official currency of People’s Republic of China) fun campaign. Idea was to encourage young people to not limit their own life.

Pushing Gossip in Cannes

Pushing Gossip in Cannes


Through WeChat, CCE Group promoted L’Oreal Paris on the backdrop of the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera  through Audio Wechat ads, “I’m in Cannes, you coming?” Users were invited to follow L’Oreal and get all the local gossip of the festival.

Poster for a ‘King’Poster for a ‘King’


For the integrated marketing of “King of Mask Singer” TV competition show, LE produced a series of posters to provoke curiosity about the show through Weibo and launched the Weibo topic #Not focus on your face in the appearance era#.

A Message on a Condom


Durex condoms’ Personalized Packaging Project from Isobar China allowed consumers to personalize their Durex box with visuals and messages to encourage them to order online in advance. The online condom box became a message board between lovers. Durex is from RB (China) Holding Co. Ltd.


KFC’s Breakfast News

KFC’s Breakfast News


A KFC Panini Mobil Campaign carried out by Tencent for YUM set out to build awareness of the mult-breakfast offering during the morning off to work hours of 6:30-9:30 a.m. It did this by creating Tencent News, KFC’s first co-created Daily News edition.


Infiniti Takes You Home Safely

Infiniti Takes You Home Safely


Timing a promotion for Infiniti to Spring Festival, when people go home to be with family, gave Dongfeng Infiniti Motor Co. Ltd. an opportunity to point out the car’s safety features…a “safeguard” to going home because Infiniti is your home.  The campaign, done by Verawom (Shanghai) Digital Marketing, began with online DiDi interaction, providing free cars for people to get home. The second stage was a two-day ad-promotion on Wechat, followed by further push about the vehicle through Wechat’s Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) accounts and finally a completion on TV.


Happy Cows in Green Yili


Yili (FMCG), as the leading figure in China’s dairy industry, wanted to better demonstrate its green industrial chain to consumers. Baidu created a two-part campaign, an online intelligent interaction model for Yili’s panoramic global industrial chain and offline factories visiting activities with the smart update of new technology. During one-month online activities, the exposure reached 300 million. 


Value of Water

Value of Water


“KSF YOU YUE” bottled water staged a branded content campaign to spread the brand concept, “high quality water warms your heart.” The message backs the idea that high quality water is beneficial for the human body and at the same time signals a warning alarm about water shortages in some areas. The work is from Trio Isobar


Entertainment Better Than Ad


KSF fruit juice mainly targets young adults 15-24 in tier two and three cities in China, promoted its Master Kong product using superstars, “Chopsticks Brothers.” Creator Trio Isobar created a brand song for the entertainers and made the campaign fun and took it way beyond advertising. 


Festival for Furniture

Festival for Furniture


Furniture company Red Star Macalline hs promoted the wood culture since 2013 with Lu Ban Cultural Festival and mall promotions. The project from Verawom (Shanghai) Digital Marketing Co. Ltd. features celebrities and used multiple self-media platforms to offer “love wood” topics.

Tweeting to Inspire Hair CareTweeting to Inspire Hair Care


Responding to growth potential in the men’s hair care market in China, L'Oréal Men Expert sought to communicate hair care to young men via the internet. Jing Boran, a popular celebrity in China with 20 million followers on Weibo, was the brand ambassador, starring in a video about hair care and tweeting that information to his followers. The campaign was by 6e digital for L'Oréal Paris.

Traveling OnlineTraveling Online


Beijing Zoom Interactive Online Marketing Technology Co. Ltd. worked with Baidu, a travel marketing company, and Tuniu online travel site, to boost high speed sales and mobile and app marketing in the travel industry.

Wu Woos With Tease Message


Kris Wu, a star as popular in China as Justin Bieber in the West, became the spokesperson for Tencent’s first 3D first-person shooter game “We Fire” in August 2015. To catch fans attention, BlueDigital Media posted a picture of Wu with a close cropped haircut and a “news” article titled “Kris Wu Is Enlisting.” They later learn through FaceTime call just what he was “enlisting” in.


Selling Clothes Via Social Media


UNIQLO used Chinese mobile digital behavior to create a Strategic UNIQLO Digital Eco-System and communicate details about the LifeWear brand clothing products. The campaign was carried out by hdtMEDIA. During the promotion, fans of WeChat and Weibo and UNIQLO’s website increased 19 percent and sales of core products of LifeWear went up 19 percent.


Experience North Face for Real


The new North Face Thermoball jacket – designed to travel through various climates – was introduced in a project that teamed with taxi app, Uber, to allow consumers to vie for a chance to go on an outdoor journey, urban to outdoor, and experience the jacket’s performance in various settings. All cars booked within 5 minutes, 61 people experienced the journey, and the promotion done by MGCC (Mega Gravity Communication Corporate) reached 14.6 million with internet views.


Music Gives Phone Brand Exposure


Vivo mobile phone company used the "Voice of China,” the hottest program in 2015, to launch a promotion for the ultimate music experience. with the pursuit of ultimate music . while the concept of the program is suitable with vivo brand personality : pursuit of the ultimate music. Combined with Tencent’s major media platforms , the effort achieved brand exposure 9.191 billion times.


Running with Mobile Marketing


New Balance launched its Fresh Foam Protect Pack shoes, especially designed for night runs, through iClick Interactive with MoTV, native mobile video ads that provided a Blu-ray video experience.











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