Package Design – How To Enter

  1. Create Entry Account
    Create a new General Entrant account at
    NOTE: Previous entrants need to create a new account every year.
  2. Entrant Contact Information
    The entrant contact name will not appear on any Awards.
  3. Create New Entry(s)
  • Title
    Enter the following: Title, Purpose/Intent, Product/Service, Advertiser.
  • Media Type
    Select a Media Type.
  • Category
    Select a Category from either “General” or “Craft/Technique.”
  • Single/Campaign/Product Range
    Select applicable option.
  • Entry Submission
    Choose desired method of submission.

    • Supplemental Upload: Information that further explains an entry may be uploaded/ submitted (depending on the original submission of the entry).
  • Credits
    Credits are entered here and will be used on our website for winning entries.
  • Entry Cart
    Completed entries are in the “Entry Cart.” To create a new entry, repeat the steps above.
  • Duplicate Entry
    Entries may be easily entered into additional relevant categories by using the “Duplicate” function. Entry fees apply to each additional category.
  • Edit Entry
    Entries may be edited up until finalization.
  • Delete Entry
    Entries may be deleted before finalization. Deleted entries are moved to the
    “Deleted Entries” section and may be undeleted and finalized at any time.
  1. Finalize & Payment
    Finalize and pay for all completed entries in the Entry Cart at the same time.
    Print the Entry Receipt for your records after you have finalized.
  2. Confirmation of Entry Finalization
    Upon finalization, entrants will receive an entry confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, please contact
  3. Shipment of Entry(s)
    Review the Submission Options & Overview pages to determine whether you need to ship your entry to the Mobius Awards office.
  4. Acceptances of Entries into Competition
    Entrants will be notified via email that their entries are officially accepted into the 2017 Mobius Awards after their entries have been processed, usually within 24 hours. Review the entry acceptance email and report any corrections to

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