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Student creatives capture awards in 2015 Mobius competition

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., USA – Three students from three Miami Art School locations and one from Australia are winners in the 2015 International Mobius Awards advertising competition.


Eugene Gao, a native of Singapore and a graduate of Miami Ad School, San Francisco, won for "Lantern," an application that uses Bluetooth and smartphones to help visually impaired people navigate subway stations.  Gao is now a New York-based copywriter. Others on the project done for a class in mobile advertising were student Carlo Clerici and instructor Craig Elimeliah.


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Soham Chatterjee, Miami Ad School New York, Astoria, for "NFL International Tackle the Spectacle,"


Challenge: To promote NFL 2015  matchups in London; Idea was to promote how American football is played using subway and train entrances
When it comes to advertising, I am what is known as a typical "idea glutton". Hook me up with an empty wall and I won't stop until there's no place left.—Linkedin page.


Art Director:
Joaquin Alvarez Limon
Soham Chatterjee, currently with Leo Burnett, Chicago


Rati Ghosh, Miami Ad School Mumbai, India for "Minecraft Rebuild,"

after the Nepal Earthquake disaster, students from the copywriting and art direction portfolio programs, thought of an inventive way to approach the relief efforts by using Minecraft as a platform. Mobilising the Minecraft gaming community to aid relief efforts in Nepal.


She currently at BBH New York, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising.


She was art director on the project; Dhanush Paramesh, Upaasana Rajaram and Joseph Thomas were copywriters


And Jack Elliott, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia for "The Trojan Award."
Promotions for an agency award—student group …Newham not jr. art director, J. Walter Thompson…nekbiyrbe
Junior copywriter at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Melbourne

  • James Bennett - Student
  • Jack Elliott - Student
  • Lochie Newham – Student


Hard to get the attention of agencies…self-promotion


In the 45th annual competition, entrants from 17 countries were selected for 42 First Place Mobius Award Golden Statuettes, 43 Second Place Certificates for Outstanding Creativity, two Spec Advertising Certificates and four Student Awards.

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