“Hate Going Twice” Campaign
Entrant: Leo Burnett Germany, Frankfurt, Germany
Advertiser: Fiat Professional, Germany

Hugo Moura, Associate Creative Director and Daniela Ewald, Creative Director

Hugo Moura, Associate Creative Director and Daniela Ewald, Creative Director

Black and white scenes of a gardener, a greengrocer and a painter transporting items piled crazily high and heavy was a runaway winner for Leo Burnett Frankfurt. Its awards include selection as Best of Show-Print in the 2016 Mobius Awards.

The “Hate Going Twice” campaign done for Fiat Professional, Turin, Italy, promoted the load capacity of Fiat’s Ducato van. The photos also prompted Lee Gluckman of Mobius Awards to ask agency creatives how much trouble was it to set up those scenes.

The unexpected answer?

“Actually everything was real,” says Hugo Moura, Associate Creative Director at the agency. The Leo Burnett team spent three days casting and shooting and, yes, each of the three ads in the campaign was created using props and appropriate locations. The “heaviest” of the scenes was the painter with all his supplies on the ladder.

“Hate Going Twice” was a totally print project — no digital, no social media — which also made it unusual. Because it was print only, Creative Director Daniela Ewald noted she was surprised at its awards. However, Daniela also said advertising today “is not about different genres; it’s about telling the truth and being honest.”

The Ducato’s potential clients are craftsmen, such as construction workers and small business owners who have to carry multiple items from one place to another. These people have also learned how to store and stack their items efficiently, and the campaign recognizes that talent.

Chief Creative Officer was Andreas Pauli, and Photographer was Miro Minarovich. Andreas Daum was copywriter. Joerg Hoffman is Creative Director. The work won a First Place Mobius Statuette also.

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