A Mobius Awards statuette stands 14.5 inches (36.83 cm) tall and weighs a slim, but solid 7 pounds. Its journey to a winner requires casting, assembly, plate engraving, packing and mailing. Oh, it feels so good to wrap your hand around the figure eight top or cuddle the marble base before putting the award on display at your office.


From mold to a specially designed mailing box, a Mobius statuette is a hands-on process. In the past 10 years, more than 600 of the 24K gold- coated awards have been sent to creatives who put their finishing touches on winning advertising.

Each one was cast by R.S. Owens in Chicago. Statuettes arrive in the Mobius office in parts and are assembled at Mobius Awards offices in California. The golden figure-eight-shaped Mobius strips will go atop one of three colored marble bases – black for First Place; white for Best of Show (Grand Prix) and terra cotta for the occasional Special Awards.

Marble base hand-case

Bases are made from marble and resin by StoneyCreek in the Blairstown, Iowa, area. “It’s a hand-cast product,” says Eldy Miller, national sales manager. The white bases are “hand-veined” with gray pigment to produce a marbled effect.

Foam cradles statuette

Ready for shipping

While StoneyCreek is making bases, Justman Packaging of Commerce, Calif., produces the specially designed boxes that cushion the statuettes on their travel to winners throughout the world. The box’s foam interior is an inverse of the “strip.” The box design was done after the custom foam was created by another company, explains Mark Bagan, sales representative at Justman.

Getting it together

The 24K “strips,” or “loops,” the bases and shipping boxes are sent by their makers to the Mobius Awards offices. There, the statuettes are assembled and mated with hand-engraved plaques containing winner information. Engraving is done by California Marking Device in Hermosa Beach. The brass plate is inscribed through a process known as diamond etch rotary engraving.

The guru behind the assembly process? Lee Gluckman, chairman of Mobius Awards. The award is made up of a Mobius statuette loop, a gold cap that sits between the loop and the marble base, and the nuts and bolts to secure it all together.

“Each piece of the award is then laid out and assembled by placing a cap on the base, inserting the stem of the award through the cap and into the marble base and locking it in place inside the base with the appropriate locknuts. All hand done. A soft foam pad goes on the base to protect the surface where you place your award. The Engraved Award Plate is the last piece.
In the end, your personally engraved award plate is attached to the base to complete the assembly,” explains Gluckman.

Finally, the award is covered with a plastic bag for protection, tucked into its bed of die-cut foam in the specially designed box, and the box is sealed and shipped.

Enjoy your statuette and know the loving care it took to get it to you.

For a detailed look at the casting process, read the earlier blog: The Shape of Success – A Gold Statuette

By Sandra Brown Kelly
Manager, Media Relations

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