Mobius Awards has long history


Mobius Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding advertising, design and creativity. For decades, we have had a front-row view as advertising and package design have changed and have been the first to see frontline trends emerge, including new advertising platforms. This year, we are excited to introduce the Mobius Awards Cannabis Advertising & Package Design competition, which responds to a new, exciting area of advertising. Mobius Cannabis joins Mobius Advertising, Mobius Package Design and Mobius Student.

Competition awards include First-Place Mobius statuette, Certificate for Outstanding Creativity, Spec Advertising Certificate, Student Certificate. Best of Show (Grand Prix Nominee) and Best of Show (Grand Prix) are selected from Mobius Awards First-Place winners.

The Mobius Awards gold statuette is easily recognized by its Mobius strip shape, a symbol of an ongoing and never-ending exchange of thoughts and ideas. The statuette is proudly displayed in the offices of some of the best agencies, production companies and design firms in the world. In the past 10 years, more than 600 statuettes have been awarded. We are thrilled that the statuette has made many appearances in television and film productions seem around the world.

Winners are selected by an international jury. Each entry is judged on its individual merits, including effectiveness and creativity. The judging outcome can result in multiple First Place Mobius and/or Second Place Certificate winners or no winners in any category or media type. It also means that no Best of Show is awarded in a medium if no winner in that group stands out from other winners.

Mobius Awards headquarters have been in Los Angeles, California, since 2001 under the leadership of Lee W. Gluckman Jr., Chairman.

Our History

Mobius Awards dates to 1971, when it was founded in Chicago as The U.S. Television & Radio Commercials Festival. At first, the festival accepted Television and Radio advertising only. In 1986, the name changed to The Mobius Awards, still only recognizing Television and Radio. Then Print advertising and Package Design were introduced in 1990. Next came a Student division, and now in 2019, we are introducing Mobius Awards Cannabis.

About Our Competitions

Mobius Awards – Advertising

This is the broadest of the competitions, encompassing many of the traditional advertising categories including (but not limited to) Branding, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Public Relations, and Food & Beverages. Here entrants also can submit web design and social media marketing as a response to the digital market.

Mobius Awards – Package Design

In 2015, Package Design became its own competition. We have continued to respond to this most important advertising market with category additions that include eco-packaging and package redesign. This competition causes great excitement for it includes both an in-person judging session in California and international online judging.

Mobius Awards – Cannabis Advertising & Package Design

This year we are excited to introduce the Mobius Awards Cannabis competition. It is open to advertising/marketing and package design for marijuana products and services including hemp, industrial hemp, THC, CBD. The potentially controversial subjects of such advertising provide greater-than-ever challenges for marketers. Mobius Awards Cannabis seeks to recognize the leaders of this new market.

Mobius Awards – Student

In 2006, Mobius Awards began accepting student work from High School to Graduate Students. School assignments, internships or personal portfolio work are eligible. Entries are accepted in all of the entry types included in the Mobius Advertising competition. The competition allows students to have their work judged by international industry professionals. The winning works become part of Mobius Awards presentations done throughout the world.

US International Film & Video Festival

US International Film & Video Festival has been in operation since 1967. The Festival offers five mini-competitions in one by recognizing outstanding Corporate, Education, Entertainment, Documentary, and Student productions. The competition runs December through March every year. Find more information at

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