Advertising – Entry Types

Entries may be entered in more than one Entry Type (except Spec Work). A new entry must be created for each entry type. Additional entry fees will be applied.

Entries signify a corporate image through the use of visual and/or audio design that identify a brand. Includes digital, social, mobile, live events.

LE: 360° Brand Design
LX: Brand Experience (includes Trade Show booths/exhibits, etc.)
LC: Brand Film/Video
LO: Logo only
LP: Promotional Product (giveaways, product samples, gift with purchase, etc.)
LS: Sound Branding (jingles, trademarks, idents, etc.)
OB: All Other Brand Identity


Entries blend advertising and entertainment to fulfill a brand’s marketing strategy. Includes fiction, non-fiction/reality, scripted and/or unscripted.

BC: Broadcast, Cable, Streaming, Satellite Television
BF: Film/Video (internet, social media, cinema, etc.) UPDATED
BO: Online/Digital
BP: Printed Content
BU: User/Audience Generated Content (Interactive)
BX: All Other Branded Content


Can be print or online magazines, catalogs, annual reports, product brochures, etc.

BB: Physical
BD: Digital/Online


Entries are commercials run on broadcast, cable, satellite television or video streaming services, internet, theaters/cinema, and in-flight

T: Broadcast, Cable, Streaming, Satellite Television
TC: Cinema/In-Flight
TO: Online
TX: All Other Platforms


DIGITAL – Mobile
Advertising delivered to mobile phones, tablets or other mobile devices.

AP: Apps
NM: Mobile Marketing
DD: All Other Digital Mobile


DIGITAL – Online
Advertising delivered via the internet.

OL: Online Ads (banners, pop-ups, etc.)
DV: Online Video (interactive, social, apps, etc.)
NV: Viral Marketing
WF: Websites (microsites, landing pages, blogs, etc.)
ON: All Other Digital Online


Advertising that elicits a direct response and/or call to action. Includes business-to-business and consumer. (B2B, B2C)

DB: Broadcast
EM: Digital Direct
DE: Email Marketing
DM: Physical Mail (postcards, flyers, brochures, etc.)
OD: All Other Direct (holiday cards, product sample kits, client gifts, invitations, etc.)


Entries use unconventional means of reaching the public or attempt to tie a product to an event when the customer is unaware of the marketing effort to obtain maximum exposure.

GN: Guerilla/Ambush Marketing


Technology used to create a simulated environment and/or a real-world environment in which elements are added by computer generated components to enhance an experience.

AR: Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing
VR: Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing
RM: Extended Reality NEW
RX: Mixed Reality NEW


Entries combine at least two (2) different entry types to convey a company’s advertising/marketing/branding message.
Digital Only Integrated Campaigns combine at least two (2) different digital entry types to convey a company’s advertising/marketing/branding message.

MX: Integrated Campaign
DX: Integrated Campaign – Digital/Online Only


Advertising/Marketing of a brand, product or service that embodies the interest, attitudes, and opinions of a group or a culture

LM: Lifestyle Content Marketing


Advertising/marketing/branding specifically intended to reach consumers outside their home such as Transit Ads, Billboards, Outdoor Posters, etc.

DO: Digital
NO: Non-Digital
OT: All Other Outdoor


In-store point of sale retail advertising; includes temporary, semi-permanent, permanent.

PC: Counter/Cash wrap/Register/Checkout Displays
PI: Featured Displays (bulk outs, end caps, aisles, shelf, etc.)
PK: Interactive Kiosk/Display
PU: Pop-Up Shop/Store
SD: Product Demonstrations (digital, live)
PQ: Signage – Digital & Non-Digital (posters, banners, floor decals, shelf, etc.)
PV: Vending Machine
PP: Vendor Shop (leased/allotted space for a specific retailer/brand within a retail store)
PW: Window Displays
PO: All Other Point-of-Purchase/Ambient


Advertising/branding printed in periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.) Actual publications, brochures or books should be entered in Brochure/Books

CP: Print – Business-to-Business (B2B)
NP: Print – Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
MN: Print – Inserts (foldouts, product samples, supplemental, etc.)
OP: All Other Print (includes indoor posters)


Communication that supports a beneficial relationship between a company (or non-profit) and its public.

MR: Public/Media Relations


RADIO/AUDIO Advertising
Entries can either be from terrestrial, satellite or internet radio. Entries can include commercials, podcasts, infomercials, jingles, sound branding, etc.

R: Terrestrial
RS: Satellite
RA: Online


SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing & Promotion UPDATED
Creating & sharing content via social networking. Includes cross-channeling between social media.

SN: Facebook NEW
TW: Instagram NEW
LN: LinkedIn NEW
CH: Snapchat NEW
TK: TikTok NEW
TW: Twitter NEW
YT: YouTube NEW
XX: All Other Social Media NEW


Professionally created advertising for personal use only (without an established relationship with a paid client). Entries are limited to: work created especially for competition or a personal portfolio. Spec Work is only accepted in Category 150

XA: Spec Work – Professional

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