Amazing work bridges time! Witness these three Mobius Awards First Place winners from 2010. Lyrics of a “Don Giovanni” opera take you to the show. Mini Countrymen that multiply and recombine are as good as the latest movie chase. An animated dinosaur world comforts a young transplant recipient. These videos tell stories.

The Greatest Operas of All Time” campaign was developed for television by Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany, for ZDF, Mainz. It captures attention through scanty modern-dress for characters.

Mini Countryman Flow,” created by BSUR, Amsterdam, was done for BMW/MINI, Munich. Computer-generated graphics from Sway Studios allow Minis in a car chase to divide over and over, giving the illusion of an invasion. This video also won the Kodak Cinematography Award and was nominated for Best of Show.

The Children’s Medical Center” campaign, from The Richards Group, Dallas, Texas, for the Center in Dallas uses a child’s love of dinosaurs to ease anxiety for a youngster facing a kidney transplant.

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