Mobius Awards is growing like a weed. Yes, we are willing to use that cliché when talking about our new venture, a Cannabis Advertising & Packaging competition.

Why did we create this competition?

We consistently keep our competition up-to-date by adding media types and categories to reflect new advertising trends. Now our focus is on a new and fast-growing industry: Cannabis.

The hemp/cannabis industry has a unique set of challenges due to public opinion, stigmas (weed is for “stoners”) and regulation. It is challenging to be in this industry where some traditional advertising methods are not available.

Why is it important to create something just for the cannabis industry?

Because this is a unique industry our response was to create a competition specifically for cannabis. The competition includes media types and categories taken from our general advertising and package design competitions, combined with new offerings for the cannabis industry. We are proud to have created the first international advertising and package design competition for cannabis.

Mobius winners and entrants already involved

Mobius Awards’s general advertising entrants are getting involved in the industry as well.

In 2018, Plastic Palmtree, founded by Masha Kupets Navarre, won an award in Packaging for a Brand Launch for mozen All-In-One vape pen of Los Angeles. Mobius Awards Entrant Manager Kristen Szabo drove by one of the mozen billboards enroute to work and found its impact “one more example of why a cannabis competition is right.” Mozen vapes feature cannabis oil blends in a disposable pen.

Plastic Palmtree, Los Angeles and Westfield, N.J., provides a variety of services, but the agency has started to focus more on the cannabis market. Navarre said her interest is based partially on her family’s experience in using cannabis as medical treatment.

“In order to lift the stigma and refresh perspectives, cannabis needs to be positioned in a distinct way,” Navarre said in a Women & Weed magazine article. “Better branding elevates not just individual brands but entire industries. For cannabis, it’s about allowing Mary Jane to finally come out of the shadows and live in the light. Our mandate is to take our clients to the next level and help them build stronger and more successful brands.”

Another regular Mobius Awards winner, Here Design studio in London, developed brand logos and other promotional materials for Medical Cannabis Mentor, which services the U.S. and Canada. Mentor is an online learning platform where healthcare professionals, patients and dispensary personnel can train. There they learn to determine dose and delivery method of medical cannabis to help a client get pain relief without getting high. The agency chose the cannabis leaf and medical cross symbols as a theme.

Cannabis is accepted in the mainstream advertising market. In August, Arizona Beverage Co., the Woodbury, N.Y., company behind Arizona Iced Tea and a Mobius Awards winner, took steps to enter the marijuana-infused beverage and edibles market in the U.S. and Canada. This was done through an agreement with Dixie Brands, a longtime manufacturer of cannabis products. Dixie’s board still needs to approve the step, which eventually could lead to Arizona’s investment in Dixie.

Mobius Awards is international and independently operated and has been in business for almost 50 years. We know the industry, which is why we were the first to launch a creative competition for cannabis advertising and package design in April 2019.


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