By Sávio Hatherly, FCB Lisbon — The Covid-19 quarantine is being a good time to discover different forms of creativity and to redefine the word.

The quarantine has shown that everyone (without any exception) can and should seek creativity more than ever, whatever “creativity” means for each person. Some are creative in

Hatherly working at home

the innovative way they present an idea on video conference. Others balance a dish while washing dishes and giving the cat food and the baby milk, or is it the other way around?

Some have found an old or new hobby may turn out to be the dream job. Quarantine has given us time to put that personal project forward or to risk learning a skill we never had the courage to try.

It’s interesting to think about the ways in which creativity presents itself. It can be through a LIVE where you watch close to but also away from friends. It can make you believe that overnight you will become a Master chef. It can also be that meme of yours that everyone shared.

We have started making content like never before. From Instagram to TikTok, not children, the elderly and not even animals have managed to escape this reality.

More than all, quarantine made us understand that creativity goes farther than any definition already attached. Perhaps scientists can come up with a better definition of creativity soon.

Sávio Hatherly, a member of the 2020 Mobius Awards Jury, is a Senior Art Director at FCB Lisbon, Portugal. Visit

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