Mark Nichols, designer and illustrator for RCS Advertising project (Certificate winner), with Aberlour (BOS) team members: Faye Pulleyn, account manager, and Chris Ribet, designer

Aberlour art

In late March, Mobius Awards went to London to visit Williams Murray Hamm (WMH), which won Best of Show in Brand Identity for  “Aberlour-Pernod Ricard” and a Certificate for Outstanding Creativity for an RCS Advertising project in the 2017 competition. What a treat to see a lineup of Mobius statuettes won by the design firm over the years! And, now there are more. The Aberlour project was to expand the whisky’s image, which had been communicated much the same since 1879. WMH’s approach pulled from the founding family’s motto: “Let the deed show,” meaning actions speak louder than words. For the Brand Identity project, Scottish artist Liz Myhill used traditional lino cutting and printing techniques to create original illustrations gleaned from 1900s storytelling books. Creative director was Garrick Hamm, with Craig Kirk as designer. Jacques-Henri Brive of Aberlour was marketing manager with Nicole Eminian as senior global brand manager.

RCS work

The Certificate win for RCS Advertising in Tokyo also conveyed a new identity, drawing on the development of the 20-year-old RCS from an ad agency into a cross-cultural marketing agency. To convey the new status, WMH notes in its case study that  it set out to demonstrate how RCS  can  help clients navigate a business world where different cultures understand messages differently. The new image features a globe with a center magenta dot representing RCS as a consistent partner in unfamiliar territory.

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