Meet all 2019 Mobius JudgesJudges for the 2019 Mobius Awards included a number of new faces and those of our faithful. Mobius Awards is so appreciative of the 60 men and women who took the time to login to the judging system, view their assignments and make decisions. They hail from 15 countries.

The way the system works judges can be on the road for their agency work and still access the entries, which we hope makes assessing them an easier task.

Some judges even send photos of their judging surroundings and others will comment on the experience. This year, we received a note from one veteran judge that made our day, so to speak. The judge wrote:

“I am very speechless because this is the best design quality in the packaging design category since I am a member of the Mobius Awards, and you know how often I was on the jury.”

Thank you, Judges!


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