Judging – All Competitions

  • Judges: The jury consists of an international panel of industry professionals.
  • Scoring: Entries are scored on a point system based on Creativity (60%) & Effectiveness (40%). The Purpose/Intent and Target Audience information that is provided by the entrant will be given to the judges to assist them in scoring. The judging outcome can result in multiple 1st Place Mobius, 2nd Place Certificate winners or no winners in any category or media type. It also means that no Best of Show is awarded in a medium if no winner in that group stands out from other winners.
  • Process: Judging is completed online and with an in-person judging event of physical entries which may include Package Design, Brochures/Books, Direct and Public/Media Relations.
  • Judging Event: The in-person judging of physical entries will be held in December 2019, in Los Angeles.
  • Best of Show (Grand Prix): First Place Mobius Award statuette winners are eligible for Best of Show awards. Nominees receive a complimentary Best of Show nominee certificate.
  • Judging Results: Results are sent by email to each entrant in early January 2020. Judging results will not be released until all competition/entry fees have been paid in full.


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