Rules & Regulations – All Competitions

  • TARGET AUDIENCE & PURPOSE/INTENT STATEMENT: Judges can best evaluate your entry when you provide a detailed description of its audience (age, gender, etc.) and the marketing objectives. Include special details such as choice of words or graphics that reflect cultural subtleties. This information is required and does have direct bearing on the judging of the entry. Please keep the purpose/intent statement length to 100 words.
  • CREDITS: Credits for winning entries will be posted on our website. Submit full credits at the time of entry. We want your company, team, and client to be recognized for their award-winning work!
  • SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Additional information may be uploaded in the entry system to explain/support an entry; such as a short case video.
  • LANGUAGE: Entries must be submitted in English or have an English translation.
  • MULTIPLE ENTRIES: Entries may be made in multiple relevant categories and/or entry type. A new entry must be created for each category and/or entry type and can be entered in additional relevant categories by using the “Duplicate” function. Entry fees will be charged for each entry.
  • ACCEPTANCE OF ENTRIES: Entrants are notified via email when their entries have been officially accepted, usually within 24 hours of entry finalization.
  • REQUIRED PHYSICAL ENTRIES: Physical samples are required for Package Design, and Brochure/Book only. Judging for these is conducted online and at an in-person event that requires entrants to submit both physical & digital samples of their entry. The physical samples sent to our office should be the same samples submitted in the digital images.
  • PHYSICAL ENTRIES SHIPPING: Physical entries should be received in our office within 7 days of finalization. Do not ship entries before entry finalization, and do not ship perishable items.
    We recommend shipping via air courier (UPS, FedEx, etc.).

Mobius Awards, Ltd.
Attn: Entry Department
713 South Pacific Coast Highway, Suite A
Redondo Beach, California 90277 USA
(310) 540-0959


Additional Instructions for non-US entrants:
Please include the following statements in your Customs Declaration:

  • RETURN OF PHYSICAL ENTRIES: Physical entries will not be returned unless specifically requested by the entrant at the time of entry. The entrant is responsible for all return shipping charges.
  • WITHDRAWING/CANCELLING AN ENTRY & REFUND POLICY: An entry may be withdrawn subject to a US $200 processing fee ($40 for Students) within 24 hours of finalization by sending a withdrawal request to Refunds will NOT be issued for entries withdrawn after 24 hours of finalization.
  • USE OF ENTRIES: Entrants allow entries to be viewed for judging and permit winning entries to be aired to public audiences and/or shown on television for promotion and publicity purposes of the Mobius Awards. The entrant assumes any and all broadcast, union, talent, or rights fees, if applicable.
  • LIABILITY: Every reasonable care will be used to protect entries from damage or loss, but Mobius Awards Ltd., and its management or judging committees cannot assume liability for either.


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