Lee Gluckman (fourth from left) with Dai Longfeng, Venus team (from left); Chen Yuejun, Design Director; Ouyang Haicui, Mercury team; Zeng Qinghui, Saturn team; Sun Zishuo, Neptune team; Ou Junzhong, head of creative teams; Guo Xueting, Mars team; Xia Hailun, Jupiter team, and Huang He, Uranus.

Top Packaging Winner, Shenzhen Baixinglong Creative Packaging Co., Ltd., (BXL), which won a Best of Show  and 3 First Place Mobius Awards statuettes for package design in the 2017 competition, received a visit from Mobius Awards chairman Lee Gluckman in early March. The visit provided many photo opportunities for Gluckman and heads of BXL’s design teams, which carry names of planets.

The company’s Best of Show packaging design, “Huanghelou jiu,” beat out three other nominees for the top spot. The design, which targeted men 40 to 50 years old, is nostalgic as it is based on the shape of the Yellow Crane Tower, a Chinese landmark in the same district as the advertiser, Wuhan Tianlong Yellow Crane Tower Wine Co. Ltd. The tower has been built and rebuilt in various forms since around AD 223. The entry also won a First Place Statuette.  The packaging company’s other First Place Awards in design are for “Tanggou Festival Baijiu,” done for Jiangsu Tanggou Liangxianghe Distillery co., Ltd., Jiangsu, China, and “H. Wine & Festival Series,” done for Wuliangye Yibin Co., Ltd., Yibin Sichuan, China.

Zhao Guoyi, CEO of BXL Creative Packaging, with Gluckman

“Tanggou Festival Baijiu” targeted the festival’s main market, males ages 25-45.  The smart box structure displays the wine bottle in multiple directions and features illustrations showing the festive atmosphere of family reunion at the Chinese

Winning designs

Dragon Boat Festival. The use of kraft paper, corrugated paper and other eco-friendly paper cut down the printing process and reduced pollution.  Also, displaying the bottle from three angles protected the product and facilitated the transportation of the stacking code. The H. Wine & Festival Series work was inspired by the eastern traditional culture that uses lanterns to signify happy festivals. The four packaging items represent the traditional Chinese festivals — Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Middle Autumn Festival.

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