Rayhaan Khodabux, Art Director, (from left) Lee Gluckman and Rémi Campet, Chief Creative Officer for “Like My Addiction”

Mobius Awards’ Lee Gluckman had three very special reasons for his recent visit to offices of BETC, Paris. In the 2017 competition, BETC won Best of Show in both Commercials/TVC and Social Media Marketing with “Timeless,” done for Lacoste, and “Like My Addiction,” developed for Addict Aide, Paris, and received a Best of Show nomination for “Kitchen,” work for Canal +.

“Timeless” demonstrates the Lacoste brans’s lasting value using a theme that begins in the 1930s with a young man who falls in love with a girl at first sight and follows her onto a train. His trip through the train’s cars become a documentary of periods where styles change, but the Lacoste brand remains as elegant as ever.  Chief creative officer was Rémi Babinet with Antoine Choque as creative director, Aurélie Scalabre as art director and Olivier Aumard as copywriter.  Sound production for “Timeless” was by Green United Music (GUM), Paris. Seb Edwards directed. Others on the project were TV producer Fabrice Brovelli and music creative director Christophe Caurret.  Julien Levêque was head of media. The production companies were Wanda Production, Paris, and Academy Films, London. Post production was by Mikros, Paris.

“Like My Addiction” was a charitable work done for Addict Aide, Paris, and selected Best of Show in Social Media Marketing. It also won First Place in Social Media Marketing and in Digital-Mobile. “Like My Addiction” uses an Addict Aide Instagram account featuring a fictitious 25-year-old user named Louise Delage to demonstrate how hard it is to recognize addiction in someone close.

BETC’s Olivier Aumard, Copywriter, and Aurélie Scalabre, Art Director, for “Timeless”

Stéphane Xiberras was executive creative director for the project with Rayhaan Khodabux as art director, Rémi Campet as copywriter and Christine Lefers as TV producer.

Eric Astorgue, a Creative Director on “Kitchen”

Stéphanie Huguenin served as executive TV producer and Julien Lévêque as head of media. The production company was Francine Framboise; Pierre Edouard Joubert directed, and sound production was by Green United Music (GUM), Paris.

“Kitchen,” a Best of Show Nominee in Commercials / TVC, featured Executive Creative Director was Stéphane Xiberras; Creative Directors were Eric Astorgue and Jean-Christophe Royer.

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