Lee Gluckman with Mr. Fang, head of Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Awards

Capital Normal University School students join Gluckman for photo

Mobius Awards Chairman Lee Gluckman has been keeping active this week in Beijing, China, lecturing at a university and speaking at the Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Awards annual event.

Gluckman was honored with a faculty appointment with the Center for Creative Industries and Media Culture, Capital Normal University School of Literature in Beijing.  He spoke to students and faculty there on the state of the advertising industry and shared information about Mobius Awards’ winning works.

For Golden Mouse, Gluckman discussed and showed Mobius Awards winners. Mobius Awards and Golden Mouse have been partners for several years. The Mobius Awards website has a Golden Mouse page where winners from that competition are highlighted.

Gluckman with Viveca Chan, Founder/CEO of WE Ad Group

Also, as part of his visit to China, Gluckman enlisted Viveca Chan, founder, chairman and CEO of WE Ad Group, to help judge the 2018 judge Mobius Awards entrants. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and a recognized leader in digital marketing. Her awards include Ad Age Global’s 2013 100 Most Influential Women in Advertising and Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Awards’ “Most Influential Digital Marketer of the Year.”

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