Inspired by the Mobius strip, the new logo design seen on this page explores the freedom and flexibility of the space and the mind.

Designing an identity is always a huge challenge. Especially if it’s the identity of a prestigious award called Mobius Awards. But White Rabbit Budapest is an idea shop that loves challenges. So they took on the job, and after long month of planning and preparation they came up with a new, contemporary visual solution that gives a stunning new look and feel for Mobius Awards.

“Yes, it’s been inspired by that gorgeous-mysterious Mobius strip. The strip that is so hard to define – we can’t tell the top from the bottom; the inner side from the outer side – yet it’s one of the most exciting objects that lends itself to various rationales and interpretations,” says Bruno Parola, the art director of the project.

Istvan Bracsok

In mathematical terms this Mobius strip is called a “non-oriented object,” explains Istvan Bracsok, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of White Rabbit. The agency’s design deliberately wanted to capitalize on that “non-orientedness” that may refer to a meditative, contemplative state of mind, the very incubator of creativity. “Of course, the Mobius strip has a rich symbolism in that sense: the nature of the strip, forming an infinite loop could also reflect the endless possibility of the creative mind.”

The different visuals of the categories represent an alternative version of the original strip itself. But they also offer a sort of mesmerizing experience, thus pulling the viewer into the world of creativity and creative excellence – as well as the world of Mobius Awards.

The launch of the new identity came with the introduction of a new category, called Cannabis Advertising and Package Design.

Brand: Mobius Awards
Chairman: Lee Gluckman
Brand Manager: Kristen Szabo
Creative Agency: White Rabbit Budapest
Copywriter: Andre Nunes Bueno, Adam Lenart
Art Director: Bruno Parola, Marcos Mendes Tanaka
Chief Creative Officer: Istvan Bracsok, Levente Kovacs
Account Executive: Beata Stumpf
Account Manager: Lilla Katona
Account Director: Levente Balint
Digital Media Manager: Borbala Tumo

(Thank you, White Rabbit!)

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