Mobius Cannabis Advertising & Package DesignMobius Awards in 2019 became the first international advertising awards company to add a cannabis division to its competition. Mobius Cannabis Advertising & Package Design debuted April 25 when the current competition opened.

The products related to cannabis have moved into the mainstream retail market so it was a natural step to include new segments to a competition that has been around since 1971.

The influence of relaxed cannabis and hemp laws created a new industry segment that could not be ignored. After much thought, Chairman Lee Gluckman Jr. gave the go-ahead for the addition, noting that Mobius always expands categories to give new promotions a forum.

“It was time,” says Gluckman. “The newest and yet oldest products in the world are cannabis and hemp. While they have been around forever, their acceptance in the broader marketplace now grows at a runaway pace.”

As many large established corporations are taking advantage of the cannabis/hemp market, Mobius has researched how many new products have evolved. “We want to be part of the excitement by recognizing the efforts to market cannabis/hemp products,” says Entrant Manager Kristen Szabo. She spent more than a year studying the cannabis industry before proposing its inclusion.

Mobius recognizes the challenges for advertisers in branding cannabis products in the face of the many different laws that affect this market. These restrictions are sure to require the greatest of creative thinking. Mobius wants to showcase that creativity, and “we wanted those entries,” notes Szabo.

Cannabis joins General, Packaging and Student divisions in the competition. Entries are invited in all advertising mediums and formats. These include Brochure/Book, Direct, Digital, Immersive Marketing, Lifestyle Content Marketing, Mixed Media Campaign, New Media, Online, Outdoor, Package Design and Redesign, Point-of-Purchase, Print, Radio, Television and Student.

Questions about the competition should be directed to Kristen Szabo, Manager, Entrant Relations & Operations, at Winners are announced in January 2020.

Mobius Awards

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